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Teach yourself to meditate in your own time, to the “Simply Stillness” natural and flowing approach to a sitting meditation, created around Jeffree's music.

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The wellbeing benefits from meditating are many.  Through the use of music, Simply Stillness becomes an easy, and enjoyable way of meditating. A daily practice of meditation will within a short period of time, naturally connect us with our Inner peace.  

Inner peace is an essential part of being human, and exists as a “feeling memory” deep within our mind and body. What prevents our uninterrupted connection to our Inner Peace, are layers of stress created in the distraction of our non-stop way of life.  Our Inner peace is the most important peace we have. Our peace with ourselves, is at the beginning of our deepest contentment and our healthiest potential.

Our connection with our Inner peace brings a different perspective to life. Mental clarity and emotional balance are the forerunners of a healthy and strong immune system. We also connect with our Inner happiness, as the inner feelings of being at peace integrate into the activity of our daily life. 

In meditation, peace becomes a remembrance. 

The journey of discovering and rediscovering our Inner peace, is the time we give each day to meditate and connect with our deeper self. The music I have written makes meditating easy by facilitating a continuous flow of soothing sound, peaceful vibration and uplifting melody.

To music, meditation becomes an inner journey of peace and enjoyment.

Thank you for meditating, you make a difference.


Track Listings

The Simply Stillness guide is split into three episodes:

Episode 1: Introduction to mediation, and the Simply Stillness way. 

Episode 2: An interactive, “lets Meditate” section, followed by Post meditation discussions. 

Episode 3: Meditation exercises and Meditating today.

Each of the episodes runs for approximately 30 minutes in duration, making a full 90 minute plus program to help you practice meditating regularly. 

Narrated by Alexia Clarkson and Jeffree Clarkson.

Includes 24/7 email support and online followup sessions if required. 

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