Songbird Meditation

Songbird is an extended 24-minute meditation with a beautifully colourful and uplifting energy for meditation.

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Ascend to the heavens with New Zealand’s own songbird the Tui, on an elevated and blissful journey that promises your inner child connection and the freedom of spirit within. Find the unfolding of your creative source in the merging of the multi-colour dissolves that gently transport you through deeply mystical and relaxing passages. Come away feeling uplifted and rejuvenated in the presence of your true creativity- embodied in the awareness of the beautiful child you have always been.

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I am absolutely hooked! I listened to Songbird on the way home . . . and you are right – creative thoughts just flowed! I am finding Serenade a wonderful way to calm down and get centred. Yes, I’m hooked. . .

M. C.

Three months ago our seven year old son Leon was involved in a dreadful bike accident. He was rushed to the Starship hospital intensive care unit with severe head injuries. After being on life support for 2 days he remained in a semi-coma for the following 4 to 5 days. Leon had fractured his skull in two places and his brain had taken a terrible bruising.

We were told by the hospital staff not to expect Leon to make a very quick recovery and reading books on head injuries confirmed the slow process toward recovery. We learnt that Leon would need to be as calm and relaxed as possible when he became fully conscious because of the severe headaches concussion causes.

We decided to use our “Songbird” tape and we played it non-stop during his coma.
He recovered miraculously and during his waking moments he asked for the tape to be played rather than us talking with him.
Leon has no noticeable after effects from his injury and is now back at school.
One major change in him however is that he can’t sleep at night without his “Songbird” tape.

P. S.

I have lived with your music for the past five years and recently underwent fairly major surgery. I would like to thank you again from my heart for your gift of music. Both Butterfly and Songbird have been played constantly during my recovery. I am sure that their calmness has contributed to my recovery. They have kept me company – especially around the times when I have not felt very good.

P. C.

I just had to write and tell you that your music is so beautiful. I listen to your tapes every day. The last thing I hear at night when I go to sleep is your music. My favourite is Songbird . . .

P. T.

My favourite relaxing music. I use for my massage clients. First heard it at yoga class. Has electronic keyboard new age music and birdsong, gurgling streams, bush, forest sounds. beautiful.

Kathy Ritchie, USA
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