May 30, 2017

Meditation, and our universal connection

The Mindbody connection is the physical connection we make between mind and body, or more specifically, mind and heart.

Meditation, and our universal connection

As we make this connection, another more subtle connection forms at the same time, and at the same rate.

Our non-physical or spiritual connection follows the premise that we exist in two realities at once. We are physical human and we are spiritual human – or “spirit”.

Unlike the physical energy we experience through our physical senses, spiritual energy is translucent and is sensed intuitively. Never-the-less, spiritual or non-physical energy is an extension of physical matter, and quite literally, fills the empty space between everything physical. Our “universal connection” constitutes the relationship between our physical self and our spiritual, or non-physical self.

Through the integration of our spiritual self,adds a new dimension to life that reveals our universal connection with everything in the physical universe – in much the same way we might have experienced as a newborn human being. Yet, through meditation we are able to have the same experience as grown adults.

This is what adds to the feeling of having an expanded consciousness. As we continue to meditate daily, a sense of “oneness” grows to become a more vivid experience of “connection”.

Feeling connected is feeling like we “belong” – we feel less separate, more approachable and open to life. We are more willing and relaxed in sharing who we are with others. As we progress in our meditations, our sense of connection becomes a more tangible quality with many benefits . . .

The benefits of feeling connected are significant and impact on our daily life in a positive way. With a newfound confidence, we are able to go further in trusting that our circumstances – no matter how indifferent they may seem at times, will always result in our highest good – especially with our clear intention that this will be so. This alone, substantially reduces our stress levels and contributes to a much happier disposition.

Being connected gives us access to universal Life Energy or “Chi Energy” that occupies the space everywhere around us. Our universal connection naturally draws on this to strengthen our vital systems and empower our desire to be healthy, self-healing human beings.

The source of our universal connection is through the inner connection we make with our deeper, “universal self”. This develops alongside our MindBody-Heart connection and in many ways, is a natural byproduct of practicing meditation. This is why after only a short period of meditating we can feel like we know ourselves better and more intimately – and the truth is; we do. Making this connection begins a lifelong journey of discovery – a journey that opens us to our essential self, and ultimately, what lies beyond the boundaries of our physical existence.

The journey itself is our connection. From where we are in this moment, there is an energy channel that stretches back across the span of our lifetime, to arrive at the cusp of our very first human moment – and the preceding source of our universal life energy.

The accessibility of our connection depends on our channel being open to the flow of life-energy. Because the channel opens at our heart centre, energy blocks tend to be emotionally based, and because the channel stretches across the span of our lifetime, the blockages can be related to different points in our life span. Having said this, we ARE able to address all energy blocks at whatever moment we choose.

The other end of the channel opens to our first human moment and the pre-existing energy we bring to our human life. What is fascinating about the dynamic and tone of this energy is that it has a natural “child-like” presentation – innocence and simplicity are universal wisdoms of our Inner Child.

Therefore, making a connection with our inner child becomes an important feature of opening our universal connection. Especially given that our entry into human life is through our childhood and that many of the qualities that create our connection are natural childlike qualities.

Our inner child revels in the free and unlimited feelings of innocence, simplicity, playfulness, enthusiasm, imagination, excitement, inspiration, creativity, fun and laughter – and belonging, just to name a few. These are all inherent qualities that come complete with a human life and they frame the channel that creates our universal connection.

This is why people who lose touch with their inner child can feel separate and disconnected. They tend to struggle with creativity, lateral thinking and intuition, as well as having access to their natural sense of humor and enthusiasm for life.

For a lot people, the inner child connection has been resigned in the perception of becoming an adult human being. The truth is; we don’t have to be one thing or the other – we can be all things that are useful to us. To become a fully functioning adult human being, we must have access to qualities of our inner child for many reasons. Maintaining our universal connection is one of the most important . . .

Now that I have brought all this to your attention, there is enough here for you to take into your meditation and facilitate the clearing of your universal connection. However should you wish to, you are welcome to learn to meditate with Simply Stillness where I have created a meditation journey specifically to take you through this clearing – in quite a wonderful way.

In the meantime, meditate daily and may health and good fortune follow your life.

Peacefully yours . . .

This is a follow-up to last month’s journal entry Meditation, Health and the MindBody Connection.

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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