April 4, 2017

Meditation, health and the Mindbody connection

I find it fascinating that in this day and age; we have become so reliant on medical science to keep us alive and well.

Meditation, health and the Mindbody connection

Especially considering that it wasn’t that long ago when the responsibility for our personal wellbeing was our own

Perhaps these days, we just don’t have the time available, when someone who knows more, can do it for us. But in leveraging our lives in this way, we have disempowered ourselves at the deepest level. Our natural ability to “heal ourselves” is slowly but surely being eroded through our conscious decision to walk the pathway of science, and nothing but science.

As a result of this departure there is another side to human health and wellbeing that addresses the remaining conundrum. For those who want to maintain the autonomy of their personal wellbeing, there is a more holistic approach to health that works with, and strengthens our natural self-healing abilities . . .

Without the aid of medical science, we have to be more hands-on in the health sense. Personal health begins with a healthy mind that believes in its ability to maintain its own wellbeing. The power of our thought and belief is our most potent medicine, it encourages us to adopt naturally healthy practices and most of all, if by chance (or bad management) we are struck down, it can lift us back to a naturally healthy and balanced state.

At the core of our natural self-healing abilities, are our positive thoughts and beliefs. Tuning-in our mind and body to work together requires self-MEDITATION.

Practicing meditation strengthens the “connection” between mind and body. As children we have a natural Mindbody connection. However, as we grow older, this connection can deteriorate due to the amount of time and emphasis placed on developing the mind on its own.

Through Meditation, we re-create the harmony of mind and body and the natural healing processes of the body benefit greatly. As an example, the Mindbody connection opens the mind to become more acutely aware of the body’s survival needs. The mind can then play a more informed and cooperative role in maintaining the body’s natural health and wellbeing.

The mind’s ability to employ the power of positive belief to overcome illness and disease is a natural part of the Mindbody connection. Through a phenomenon known as the “Placebo effect”, the partnership of mind and body becomes a powerful self-healing alliance – available to all human beings.

At an energetic level, the HEART is the body’s central control center. Therefore the Mindbody connection is by definition, the integration of mind and heart.

As the control centre of the body, the heart plays a major role in regulating all of the body’s vital systems. Neurons facilitate the heart’s own intrinsic nervous system that can sense, feel, remember, and process information independent of the brain. The rhythmic beating patterns of the heart constantly emit pressure waves, sound, heat, light, electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic signals throughout the body’s circulatory system. A significant point in the heart-body communication is that neural tissue found in the heart imprints information onto the body’s morphogenetic energy-field relaying it in real-time throughout the body’s intercellular network.

Morphogenetic fields are acknowledged in developmental biology as fields of energetic information that serve as control systems over and above the molecular or biochemical level. Morphogenetic field systems organize the development of the body, they maintain the body’s form and assist in recovery from disease or injury. They underlie the body’s natural regenerative function.

Morphogenetic fields are present at all biological levels within and around the body, from DNA to cells, to the body’s vital systems and organs and including a global energy field representing the entire human body.

The Mindbody connection allows access to the body’s global control system networks at a conscious level. Effectively, we develop an acute awareness of our body-field communications and we can become mindfully involved in the body’s preservation. This is an important point, as through practicing meditation we are able to uplift the quality of our thoughts and beliefs to radiate a positive energy into our body-field networks and substantially elevate their healthy vibration.

WITHOUT the Mindbody connection, the mind operates in isolation and without any awareness of how negative thought and language can contribute to the decline of our health and wellbeing.

Meditation enables the alignment of mind and body – or more specifically, mind and heart. In this alignment, our spatial-intuitive abilities expand the capacity of our human mind to becoming more of a “holistic experience” where information relating to our state of health and wellbeing can be received, interpreted and applied at many different levels.

Promoting the holistic awareness of Mindbody is a natural process that happens over time. A daily (stillness) meditation is the shortest route to developing this level of self-awareness.

Meditation is the key to understanding how we think, and how we can modify our thoughts and beliefs to accommodate our ongoing health and longevity. Using our mind we can radiate positive and healing energy throughout our body-field systems to the intercellular networks that form our physical bodies.

Your health and wellbeing is your business, no one knows you better than you – especially when you meditate.
Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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