Openings embodies the cycles of life by conveying a feeling of new beginnings.

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Beginning with Elan’s Theme; a gentle and flowing shape, as delicate and new as a springtime morning. With similar instrumentation to Butterfly the new and fragile sounds guide us gently past a beautiful ambient soundscape of slow moving colours and textures, so restful and so healing. The opening theme returns to accompany us back to the entrance, feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energised.

Midnight Walk is another encounter with nature – an evening encounter, and here’s the story. A true story.

You see I was a sleep walker as a child, well that’s what they told me. I wasn’t afraid of the night, we had an outside toilet and occasionally I had to pay a visit in the evening hours. I would always stop on my way back and peer out into the night contemplating the vast array of stars and thinking what would be wrong with visiting the gardens in the evening. I was about seven years old and eventually it got the better of me, so one beautiful night when the moon was full, off I went, around the side of the house, opened the gate, up the long lane, a right turn and I was on a short walk to the playground.

My father woke as I closed the gate, he looked out the window to see me disappearing up the lane toward the street. By the time he got his dressing gown on and set after me I was well on my way for a playtime rendezvous.

The music of Midnight Walk describes the feeling and the visual magnificence of that walk. This experience has stayed with me ever since and apart from the amazing surroundings there was a profound communication that took place that night which has driven me in my music.

Anyway to my surprise the large iron gate on the bridge that crossed the Leith to the gardens was locked and by this time my father’s voice had interrupted the night with those unforgettable words “C’mon Jeff let’s get back to bed”.

El Nido begins in the expectation and mystery of a new dawn, a dawn that leads to a sparkling sunrise that illuminates nature in all the colours of the tonal spectrum. Moving on, we enter the quiet of nature in meditation and an everlasting stillness inspiring the innocence of beginner’s heart.

Pitter Patter is the embodiment of the cleansing and healing quality of rain. Feel the inner security and warmth as this music progresses. The natural rhythms are complemented by a soft percussion which provides the framework for a rather “cheeky childlike” melody – cleansing and completion.

Released in 1994.

Track Listings
  1. Elan’s Theme (22:00)
  2. Midnight Walk (7:30)
  3. El Nido (22:00)
  4. Pitter Patter (7:30)
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