Botanica is rich and symphonic, bright and positive with a strong playful child feeling.

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Botanica moves away from albums specifically for meditation and is a return to Jeffree’s origin of song. It begins quiet and meditative but within 30 minutes it reaches song and anthem. The album begins…

We are drawn to nature Not just because we are part of nature But because, there is a knowing in every heart that the human spirit shares a world of infinite beauty,of splendour in absolute harmony with natures original creation at perfect peace in the green world of Botanica. walk with me...

Released in 1996, Botanica represents a primordial “green world” which existed before the beginning of time. This was a place of “nature in perfection” and was the archetypal of the human spirit.

The name “Botanica” came from “Botanical” as in “Botanical Gardens”. There were tunes from early childhood on this album, intuitive melodies that played somewhere within me when I was around nature… I believe our spirituality is inspired by this place of primeval origin, still alive within our genetic memories. – Jeffree

The first track brings a quality of reminiscence and inner knowing about the theme tune which is sensitively performed using a “breathy” Pan Flute sound. Echoing the spirit of nature the haunting melody flows its way evenly toward the 2nd movement, a mediative interlude of undulating soundscape which gently introduces the theme from the “song” Botanica which features later in the album. The finale features the return of the primary theme, performed in “grandiose” fashion, uplifting the soul and inspiring deep memories of the inseparable relationship between Nature and the Human Spirit.

THE CALLING has two movements, the first setting the “Earth vibration” which can barely be heard but truly felt as a sub sonic tone (if you’re listening through a good sound system). There is the presence of a sea shore and primeval sounds, there is the gentle piano tones and the haunting whistle . . .

I’m sitting here at the shore’s edge, there is peace as the evening reflections glint on a shimmering sea. I look upward and looking back at me is comet Hayakutake an awesome sight stretching across the sky, now returning to Earth after a journey of 20,000 years. We meet again. . . serendipity – or synchronicity? The calling continues...

In PART TWO, the big drum beats out, the whistle finds its way home and the heavenly choirs and vibrating strings form a guard of honour ushering the return of the human spirit. At the centre of the universe the pan flute calls to the Human heart – “remember, remember, we are one always, we can never be separated”. This is forever – eternal.

Backing Vocals: Linn Lorkin, Hattie St John and Beaver, The Long Bay Primary School Choir 1996 and The Pacific Island Combined Choirs. Childrens voices on “Memories of Home” were the cast of 400 children who sang Jeffree’s songs at the APPA Music Festival 1994.

Track Listings
  1. Botanica (21:28)
  2. The Calling Part I (04:17)
  3. The Calling Part II (03:56)
  4. Memories of Home (01:40)
  5. Love Just Is (04:27)*
  6. Botanica The Song (8:00)*
  7. Peace in our Hearts (07:13)*
  8. Earth is our Home (05:12)*
  9. Botanica The Reprise (07:58)

*Indicates a more upbeat song

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