January 11, 2021

We create, as we are created...

As a music composer, I have found that writing music for meditation has refined my sensitivity to the subtle vibrations and energetic phenomena associated with this type of music.

We create, as we are created...

This has in-turn influenced my creative-visionary abilities to shift from seeing future potentials, to seeing anomalies that exist around us right now, things we may not have been expecting to see, can on that basis, evade our waking awareness.

This is what happens when we “can’t see the wood for the trees”.

One such phenomena relates to our deeper sense of creativity and the importance of nurturing this most essential aspect of ourselves. Our creativity is at the core of our being. I believe in our rush to become technologically competent, we have overlooked the significance of our creativity, and this has been detrimental to our human wellbeing, the wellbeing of our planet, and the healthy functioning of our communities.

What is happening in our world today may appear as an unprecedented level of disarray, but if we choose to look within, we will find ourselves being reminded of something we have overlooked, and in some cases, all but forgotten . . .

We are essentially creative beings, creating as we are created.

Referring to the biblical axiom of “God made man in his own image”, there have been a raft of literal interpretations, predominantly, assuming God with a human face and gender. But more recently, our journey has unfolded a more natural defining, revealing a God-image surpassing our physical appearance to become . . . our essential creativity. After all, is God not the creator of the universe?

At the core of our being, is our exact likeness to a most beautiful and creative energy. The creative omni-presence that imagines the entire physical universe into being, equally expresses itself through our human creativity. Within our creative self, our universal likeness is our connection. Through our connection, we draw into our lives, the vital life-energy of our creative source.

The greatest gift we receive as a conscious humanity, is that we too can imagine what we create into being. In fact in realty, we are doing this all the time. What is left for us to do now, is to realise the power of our consciousness to create a peaceful and prosperous world for us all.

Some would say, they are not creative, that they do not paint or sculpt, they do not write poetry, dance or make music. But our essential creativity is so much more than the expression of our art – look again . . .

Our creativity is our inspiration and imagination to live a good life – all people are creative. Our life is our painting, our sculpture, our poetry, dance and our music. To live our lives creatively, is to live in the harmony and likeness of our creative source, creating kindness, compassion, goodness, love, appreciation, and gratitude. These are the acts of divine creativity that reside within us all.

Limiting our essential creativity in any way, can begin a dis-connection with our creative source. We can become uninspired, unhappy and unwell. Everything that limits our lives today, has come about through the disconnection with our creative source. In our haste to advance, we have divided our creative mind, giving all trust and credibility to scientific rationale over the essential qualities of our innate creativity. As a result, human health and wellbeing suffers at all levels, Earth’s natural environment is in steepening decline, and our societal structure is destabilising.

Following a rational only doctrine may have moved us quickly forward in science and technology, but without the balancing energy of our essential creativity, there has been little care taken for ourselves, our Earthly home and our communities and families.

It is time to realise the wholeness and integration of our human potential. There is no need for conflict between what we see as our creative mind and rational mind. Logic is a basic requirement in the application of our creativity, and is therefore an elemental aspect of our creative mind. There is no logical mind on its own. All we have done is to reduce the significance of creativity so that it feels as if we only have a rational mind.  

Our wholeness as human beings and as humanity, is in realising that our essential creativity begins everything we create in every moment. We cannot afford to limit our lives by reducing the importance of our creativity.

Look again, imagine a world that celebrates our essential creativity, and see what happens next . . .

Be still – listen.

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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