May 29, 2023

Watching you watching you . . .

A second thought changes the direction of everything

Watching you watching you . . .

One of the most profound experiences you can have after having a second thought, is having the feeling of noticing yourself . . .

Being able to see yourself, as if you were someone else observing you, is a natural ability of the human mind. It can be useful for the self-healing human, and it can be reminded through meditation. The reminding is due to the automation of our lifestyle, and resulting stresses going unmanaged.

The “slowing effect” of practicing meditation realises how different our life would be if we allowed ourselves more time and freedom to do things . . .

A daily practice of meditation, soothes the stresses, through uncovering time we never knew we had. To the mindbody, this can be such a preferable change, as to remind the “Alternate-self” point of view, to observe and comment.  While we, the meditator, in our sitting back position, go along for the ride and a first-hand view of the things we hide from ourselves — and why.

Once upon a time, I had second thoughts about giving so much of my time to my survival. Today I am blessed to be able live without that fear. Now I have  much to give . . .

Here’s what happens . . .

To grow ourselves is to heal ourselves, to return our immune systems to full efficiency. To know ourselves well enough, to realise our oneness with the universe around us. In the energy of a creative source, we are here to harmonise through the living of our lives. Doing the things we love to do, echoes the “call of source energy,” and is a celebration and symphony of music — in the natural flow of things.

Like breathing, our time for ourselves is equal to our time for the world; but are we breathing in balance?  To inhale, is to be away from the pressures of self-preservation and to be one with ourselves in mental emotional and physical peace. The things we find there are intrinsic to the exhaling circumstance of our daily life. Without the grounding of our inner being, we have become slaves to the machine we invented.

In the bigger picture, our releasing of stress accumulates to slow things down in the world. This is good if our current humanity is to change the way it proceeds. Taking time out is the founder of change. Just as history is the document of our collective efforts, our decisions going forward write the prelude to the history of tomorrow.

Our alternate self opens our connection with universal consciousness and the source of the entire physical dimension. To give and receive in balance, aligns with universal energy and so resonates within us as a beautiful feeling and a perfect breath.

Whenever you are feeling beautiful within, you are connecting with your creative source. You are being you, and your life will flourish.

Thank you for reading

much love and peace


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Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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