July 12, 2017

Touching the machine

The generic view regarding the relationship between humans and the machines they invent, amounts to nothing more than pure scientific achievement – and that’s about as far as it goes.

Touching the machine

After all, machines and the materials they are made from, are inanimate are they not?

They are inorganic physical matter composed of microscopic atoms, containing electrons, protons, and neutrons – nothing there that might contain a consciousness or could be capable of having its own instinctive response. And yet, there is something that I have experienced in my relationship with man-made machines that would suggest otherwise.

Perhaps it stems from the research of quantum physics that now accepts the possibility that human consciousness interacts with the micro particles of physical matter to affect a particular outcome in our material reality. (see the beautiful experiment) At that level, interaction with the microphysical properties of inanimate matter is entirely possible, particularly if we are aware of, and can believe in the process!

It’s all about BELIEF.

“Belief” is a defining function of human consciousness. While typically, having a belief is dependent on “substantial proof”, having a rational understanding of a scientific process is not essential to forming a belief. If one wants to believe in something, one can form a belief (without proof) through the intuitive-creative mind – if that part of the consciousness is sufficiently developed.

So this brings me to my own experience of this phenomenon. It is the machines I am most dependent on, that are the ones I notice this interactive effect. Namely, my musical instruments, computer, phone and motor vehicle are all an integral part of my human existence – to have them breaking down is a “no-no”.

I have found that all of these machines are somehow affected by my emotional state. When I am feeling good everything seems to go well. If I become emotionally upset, or stuck in negative emotion – things can happen to my machines – and do! Everything from a flat-tyre to engine overheating, a computer glitch or crash, through to music technology breaking or stopping for no good reason – it’s all happened to me! I have even had equipment tested after failure and found it to be working perfectly.

After all this, I have learned to form positive beliefs and attitudes in relation to my essential machinery. This has also helped me understand and keep my emotions in check. It’s also a bit of fun and learning when it comes to developing an intuitive understanding of the physical universe. Many of our strongest beliefs are driven from our emotional states. It is the energy of our beliefs that moves the essential wave particles on which the physical universe is built.

So when it comes to driving my motor vehicle, I understand this; when I sit in the drivers seat and begin driving, the energy of my mind and body extends through the pedals, steering wheel and manual controls to the engine, gearbox, and differentials to connect with the wheels on the road. The motor vehicle and all its functions become an extension of my body and mind. You may have already experienced this, but if you haven’t, next time you are driving – see for yourself.

My musical instruments are important to creating and performing music – they are my tools. They are an extension of my body and mind, just like the motor vehicle. My computer and accessories are important to my writing and again are extensions of my mind and body.

My mind and body is my consciousness. My consciousness interacts with the physical universe. Everything in the physical universe is within my consciousness – all is well and I am grateful!

Having emotional balance is important to having your machines operate efficiently and well. The extended life of your machine is also included in your emotional balance. Notwithstanding, I will often receive intuitive messages informing me when equipment and machinery needs professional service. Feet on the ground – right? Better to get the message earlier than be stranded . . .

This is the extent of our connection with the physical universe. Human consciousness is beginning to shift the parameters of classical science to reveal a new and better way of understanding the physical universe – quantum physics and developmental biology are leading the way. Understanding our emotional and mental capacities is significant in this shift. Adopting regular meditation is the tool that will bring us this understanding.

Connecting with your machines is an extension of who you are. Your machines become part of you. Try personalising your relationship by giving your machines a name. Bring them to life, speak to them, honour them and be grateful for the service they provide you. Your language and feeling changes everything . . .

Touch your machine . . .

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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