July 5, 2016

Thinking happy – being happy

Happiness is such an essential quality of life, that if we were to be constantly in its vibration, we would most certainly live forever . . .

Thinking happy – being happy

The beautiful emotion of happiness stretches from laughter to contentment, from ecstasy to pleasure and from joyfulness to the deepest peace.

It is a soul food that knows no hunger and an inspiration so high that its magic can transform our reality.

And yet for all its beauty and spontaneity, simple happiness is an elusive treasure to so many today.

So the question needs to be asked . . .
Has our hi-jacking of happiness as a reward for material achievement, desensitised us to its true nature? Have we gone too far in creating a common belief that the source of happiness is external to us?

Well I guess if we pointed the finger in any outward direction, we would be as guilty as those we would make responsible. We might however be better to consider the emerging human-reaction to the externalisation of life. Just as the attainment of true happiness is a personal choice we make, then our answer lies not in attempting to change the world around us, but by changing the world within us. Humanity’s natural reaction to over-externalisation is precisely what is compelling us to look within . . . and when it comes to happiness, this is exactly the right place to look!

It is not “things” that make us happy, it is our choice to be happy because we want to be.

In the first place, creating happiness from within is as easy as deciding to. The first step is to simply say, “I have decided to be happy”.

Your thoughts are “exclusively you” at a personal level. Your next step is to “think happy thoughts”. Have you got any? – or are you hoping that “something out there” might make you happy? To have happy thoughts is a choice you can make. The truth is, that life begins within us – it is our beliefs that create our reality. This is the “internalisation” of life – we may be rusty at it, after all, for thousands of generations we have believed that “life happens to us”. CHOOSING to think happy thoughts is the next step . . .

Overcoming stress lies in our ability to choose one thought over another . . .

This is where I believe a journal is most important. After eons of believing one thing, we need to constantly remind, rethink and reinforce our new beliefs. Journaling our creative solutions, gives us the opportunity to think through our new thought processes and also to develop our own exclusive approach to creating happiness. As much as we are using our rational intellect for this, remember at the end of the day, it will be your simple decision and choice to be happy that inspires your happy thoughts.

A happy thought is not something that makes you happy – it is something that “expresses” your happiness.

The potency of happy thinking is not new. The story of Peter Pan and the Movie of “Hook” were testimony to the power of happiness. If humans are ever to fly without wings, it will be because when we are in a state of happiness, we are at the closest point to our full potential. The movie of Mary Poppins was yet another example of how happy thoughts can levitate, demonstrated in the scene of the song “I Love to Laugh”. Going even further back, the classic movie South Pacific featured the song “Happy talk” with lyrics echoing some of the most revered motivational thinkers of today.

Happiness has many tangents; the most significant in my opinion is the feeling of being “content”. In fact, I would go as far as to say that “contentment” is the platform for all the aspects of being and feeling happy. From laughter to joy, from satisfaction to pleasure, contentment underpins the peaceful expression of continuing happiness, and that is where we need to get to.

A continuing diet of happy thoughts combined with regular meditation and/or Laughter-Yoga will ensure within a short time, an unbreakable feeling of contentment. Without conscious thought, thinking happy, being happy and feeling content will happen very naturally and very easily.

Most of all, your happiness will extend into a deep sense of gratitude for life – without the need for external stimuli. The happiness and contentment you choose to feel will place you in direct alignment with the creative universe, the law of attraction and the fulfilment of your deepest desires.

In peace and happy thinking . . .

– Choosing to “think happy” is an unmistakable act of magic, and magic only happens for those who believe . . .
Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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