January 25, 2017

The thinking of Self Love

Being Human comes complete with a mind that thinks and with thoughts that shape our life-circumstances in the most extraordinary way.

The thinking of Self Love

Once upon a time the idea of our thoughts creating our reality would have been deemed somewhat superstitious – to say the least.

But now; to just recognise how it all works is enough to empower a whole new way of thinking. The magic of this vision once realised – is irreversible. Its belonging presence grows within us as a forgotten limb, from the depth of our sleeping consciousness it becomes an awakening that forever changes the course of our human life.

Our on-going thoughts can be disruptive or harmonising. They can be this way or that – or all ways at once. Sometimes they seem beyond our control, and other times pleasantly accommodating. In any case, we will generally go with the flow of our thought processes, quite unaware that their content is limiting to our happiness and success in life. Growth and transformation come once we have exhausted all the surface reasons for our shortcomings, and at that point the quality of our thinking finally comes under the microscope. With action required, our rational mind moves quickly to attempt control over the content and direction of our thoughts using disciplined psychology. If one persists with this, the downside can result in confusion, but at the same time, there is an upside that realises a “cover-up” for something much deeper – something below the level of our conscious mind. Something real, and something intimate to “who we are” at source.

Our thoughts are more than just the result of our ideas, observations and conclusions. Their content reflects the deeper demeanour of who we are, and most importantly – where we’ve been.

Indulge me if you will – “life is a mirror”. When we look into the world, we see ourselves – have you noticed? When we observe what is around us, our description is not necessarily what is there, but what we see through our life experience. “Who am I that sees this thing?” becomes part of the thing itself, and this changes everything. When we respond to what appears to be our reality, we are inadvertently compounding our situation – AND repeating our thoughts. The complexities of resolving this condition can be far reaching. A rational assumption would be that if each and all of life’s issues were resolved, then clarity would ensue. True! But addressing every issue and every event separately (if you could remember them) would be painstaking and extremely time consuming – especially for the rational mind!

There is another way . . .

For a start, the vision impairment of a lifetime of anguish is often the repetition of only a few things. We don’t need to know what they are, what we need to realise is that with each one, we developed a level of self-denigration. It was just a thought we had that made perfect sense, and deep down we blamed ourselves. From that repeating moment our thoughts of everything around us grew from that substructure. Every thought tainted in that belief.

So now we have these uncontrollable thoughts that creep into our waking consciousness and disrupt our equilibrium of contentment. Thoughts that we wish would go away but they never do. That is, until we begin to love ourselves again. I say again, because when we arrived here we loved ourselves absolutely – we were love – we are love. To get to that love – we need to forgive ourselves of all the guilt we accumulated.

So here it is. When you have thoughts that upset you, or you realise their inherent negativity. Firstly, recognise them but also know from where they came. At that moment, choose to love yourself above all else.

You might say something like:
I, (your name) love myself. I forgive myself and I am relieved of all past guilt. I love myself and I am now free.

This is all you need do. As you go on you will find yourself needing to do it less and less. You will also find happiness and contentment growing within you.

One other thing; through this, you are getting to know yourself at a deep and profound level. It is amazing how something that started as a negative, can turn out to be such a positive gift. Give thanks and be grateful for this.

Love yourself above all else. You are all you have, and you cannot freely or truly give without your own fulfilment to give from.

Meditation will assist your growth process. Meditation will create invaluable insight into your deeper thought processes. In a busy world, make meditation your sanctuary and the continued unfolding of your self-love.

Simply Stillness meditation is a thought-healing meditation. Online classes and get-togethers will begin soon – subscribe to my mailing list and be the FIRST to know more.

May beautiful thoughts inhabit your consciousness . . .
Blessings to you.

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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