March 1, 2017

The Power of Mind

In your universe, your word (and feeling) is law.

The Power of Mind

Some would say “we ARE our mind” and others might overlook this to declare that they are just a human body with a brain!

But when we look at the last 50-years of evolving consciousness, we see increasing numbers of people using the power of their Mind to achieve remarkable outcomes in life. The potential of the Human Mind to surpass the known boundaries of human intellect, is no secret; through the power of our declaration and intention, our Mind will naturally create the object of our focus, irrespective of any rational process known to us.

Humans are changing their Minds, or at least their perception of it. Where once the Mind was seen as the subtotal of our mental processes, today our perception of the Mind is a far more holistic experience, one that is constantly interacting with the physical universe around us.

The following looks at the primary components that contribute to the Mind’s holistic nature. The purpose of doing this is to assist in bringing forward a more conscious experience of the Mind and its workings. In becoming more consciously aware, a more tactile application in the use of Mind-power becomes available to us.

Accessing the potential of the Human Mind presents a great possibility for human evolution. The holistic visualisation of the Mind can contribute a natural science to the focused intent of the rational intellect. This would give us a more complete understanding of the issues that face us at both social and environmental levels. The Human Mind is a great “leveller” in life. Because its application is available to all in equal measure, it cannot be used to discriminate or divide us. The Human Mind interacts with the quantum power of the universe; despite our surface differences, we all possess the same ability to access its potential.

While there might be some question around the semantics relating to the word “Mind”, I can only come from my own experience, relative to my human capacities. My intention is to create some distinction in the perception of the Human Mind that would enable personal focus and workability when it comes to accessing the Mind’s potential. Because of the subjective nature of this article, I would welcome and value any personal insights you (the reader) may have.

Broadly speaking, having a human experience can be broken into several parts – or “bodies”. We have a physical experience that relates to our physical body and all its physical parts. We have an emotional experience that relates to our emotional body and all its emotional parts. We have a mental experience that relates to our mental body and all its mental parts and we have a “spectral” or non-physical experience that relates to our non-physical or energetic body. These different aspects work together to give us the full human experience; from physical to non-physical they all contribute to the holistic experience of our Human Mind.

This said, the primary experience of Mind is non-physical and is the integration of our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. These attributes stem from the sensation of being human in a physical world. The “human sensation” is the result of energy information received at the numerous sensory receptors found throughout the body. Frequency vibration of the physical universe is interpreted through the brain and heart as mental and emotional information relating to our thoughts and feelings.

So let’s look at these two human factors . . .

Mental refers to our thoughts and thinking – includes memory, and perception. The brain receives vibrational information from the surrounding environment through the body’s physical senses and this is interpreted and experienced at a mental level as our physical reality. The human memory records the whole experience and this is saved for reference and recall at a later time. Our thought responses and ideas are patterns of energy vibrating at specific frequencies relating to our understanding of the energy patterns we receive. Of particular note, “mental energy” extends beyond the boundary of the brain, and is confirmed through the use of MEG (Magnetoencephalograph) technology, which measures mental activity in the form of magnetic fields outside the physical boundary of the cranial cavity.

Emotional refers to our human feelings and includes the expression of emotional energy related to the heart. Like the brain, the heart has sensory and memory capacity. What is interesting is that while the heart itself is positioned left of centre, our heart-feelings are experienced at the centre of the thoracic cavity and below to include our “gut feelings”. Apart from sensing the frequency range of emotional vibration, the heart has an intuitive capacity that can sense and receive informational vibration across time and space (The sixth sense). There are communication pathways running both ways between the heart and brain that share information received at both sensory organs. The heart also provides the brain with a more holistic view of the world as well as contributing a more energetic quality to the brain’s logical expression. Like the brain, the energy of the heart also extends beyond the boundary of the physical body, but in a much more powerful way where a person can experience another person’s emotional energy at a distance.

The Human Mind

The complete experience of Mind is a holistic concept that expresses the cooperative nature of both the mental and emotional capacities – or ideally, the “balance” of brain and heart. I notice that my awareness of Mind combines all my sensory sensations as one human experience.

As a “non-physical” entity, the perceptive boundaries of the Human Mind are unlimited with infinite potential and capable of extraordinary possibility. Achieving a balance between the energies of the brain and the heart are significant to the holistic potential of the Mind. The balance of the creative and the rational energies is what makes the concept of the Human Mind so amazing. As an example, when the brain and heart form a belief together, the energy and intention of that belief has incredible power. This is exemplified in the Placebo effect.

The phenomenon of the Placebo effect is the Mind’s ability to self-heal the body in a way that surpasses the current scientific model of human biology. Placebo accounts for the process of natural healing that takes place within us. From a simple cut to the skin, to the potential of growing new limbs, self-healing terminal disease and dramatically increasing human longevity are all possibilities of Mind power.

The potential of the Placebo effect through the power of the Mind also has an outward potential in the Mind’s ability to influence external physical systems without any physical interaction. This form of “Mind over matter” is known as psycho-kinesis, telekinesis and a number of other paranormal human potentials including remote healing. The power of the Mind to create extraordinary circumstances that lead to extraordinary outcomes is not new. It happens everyday, we call them “miracles” and so they are. They are also synchronicities.

The extraordinary power of the Mind to succeed the boundaries of classical science is a growing phenomenon and can be attributed to a more coherent balance being achieved between the rational and creative energies, or the brain and heart. But even without this enhancement, the Human Mind has already been acknowledged in quantum physics for its ability to affect physical reality at a subtle level – as documented in the “observer effect” of the renowned, light-slit experiment.

We are already creating our reality through the power of our Mind. To do this with “conscious intention” increases the Mind’s potential ten-fold and makes for a beautiful reality . . .

Activation of the Mind’s incredible ability involves a level of self-awareness, creative visualisation and the integration of our thoughts and feelings. The natural increase in the occurrence of Mind-power within humans is the result of a naturally occurring self-awareness. This is accelerated through the quantum energy fields that combine a single (individual) consciousness into one collective human consciousness, therefore creating a public “swing” toward the idea of self-awareness.

Creative visualisation is important to accessing the power of the Mind and this in turn, becomes dependent on being able to reduce mental and emotional stress to a level where the brain and heart are free to create and hold a mental/emotional image of what is desired. Reduced mental stress allows clear thinking and uninterrupted space for memory recall. Reduced emotional stress allows the heart to beat coherently, thus creating a smooth and continuous internal-clock on which to develop an idea and hold it intact while the Mind creates it.

Self-awareness, creative visualisation and the integration of brain and heart are all achievable through one activity. The activity is Self-Meditation and is practiced at the level of stillness. A daily stillness meditation will bring inner peace and open our ability to access a natural connection with the myriad energy fields that constitute the entire physical universe around us. Our connection will develop to become our source of happiness and fulfilment in life through the power of our Mind to create our dreams and desires.

“The whole exercise constitutes the Mind believing in the Mind to empower the Mind to create the object of our desire – in other words, it just happens because we believe it can – herein lies the power of Mind”

Happy thoughts and feelings
Meditate always . . .

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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