November 27, 2016

The Inner Voice – a spiritual guide and companion

We hear the term “Inner Teacher” as being one of the inherent benefits of Meditation.

The Inner Voice – a spiritual guide and companion

After only a short (and regular) period of practice we can experience what feels like an inner-voice that seems to possess a worldly wisdom and can help us make difficult decisions at times of adversity.

On first encounter, this voice can seem quite separate to us, like a mystery friend. But in the end, there is an integration that realizes we are both on the same journey – we with our physical attachments, and they without any need.

In the Earthly world, we feel our human purpose and we follow its calling. Our pathway is always clear, but our attachments in life can cause us to stray. On feeling lost we will call out, and at these times, the inner-voice will bring our attention to what we have created around us. A return map will be on offer and will not only test our commitment and determination, but will also help us understand deeper levels of the beliefs that limit us. The Inner-voice will take our hand as we transcend our attachments and will return us to our path – a wiser person.

At the end of the day it is worth remembering that our Inner-voice, as part of essential self, has no attachment to our achievements. But equally, in the recognition of our life service it will add strength to our resolve in accomplishing as we wish . . .

Whatever we choose to achieve in life is our human choice. No matter what we choose, we will confront our spiritual assignment and the true purpose of our visit here.

For me, the Inner-voice is more than a teacher. Generally, a “teacher” will impart information that has been demonstrated to work in a specific area to bring a common result. However, in life today, we are realizing we each have a unique path to walk . . .

The Inner voice is more of a “guide” that will walk with us in an ongoing learning experience. On our inimitable journey we unfold together unpredictable enigma to reveal our unexampled destination – created solely in our dreams and for all that? – an enchanted journey of spiritual growth and enlightened revelation. Our Inner voice is our spiritual guide and companion.

Practising meditation naturally brings an awareness of our innate Inner-voice. For the un-meditated, the inner voice experience takes on the form of our “human conscience”. Our conscience is largely rational and is built on our human values, ethics and morals. It has human principles and in most cases, is inherited. Human values are not necessarily good values – despite the word. Depending on a person’s life experience they may adopt justifiable values in greed and selfishness or survival at any cost. Morals can be subjective. What is good for one may not be good for another. Ethics can reflect rationalized discriminations and these can form as lifelong beliefs. While religions have worked to help people develop principles of love and sharing, they themselves have succumbed to their own righteousness in developing an elitism that divides one human being from another.

All human beings are of one family. I believe we each have an inner voice, but many choose not to listen – and many have not heard.

The Inner voice can only be heard in the quiet of stillness. Stillness is our spiritual presence and the source of our life energy. Our Inner-voice resides within our Inner-peace. Our Inner-peace is the primary component of our consciousness. Without consciousness we would not exist – or at least, know we existed. Outside of our physical human experience we exist simultaneously in soul consciousness, or spirit. Spirit is infinite in time and space.

We have always been spirit in soul consciousness.

Human consciousness is a partitioned experience of soul consciousness, although today through meditation, we are beginning to see through that partition to the wholeness of our source. Our inner-voice is the voice of our source – it came with us when we became human, and remains within us throughout our lifetime. The connection we make with it brings us into harmony with our true-life purpose and its energy creates health and wellness in all aspects of our humanness. It is important we spend time in stillness every day to nurture our Inner-peace, and our health and wellbeing.

The energy of our source is accessed within us and in extension, creates the universe around us. The universal creative source is Omnipresent. We inherit the vibration of its creativity and experience the diversity of its creation through the myriad species and components of nature – including each other.

Our Inner voice is the voice of our creator – Its message is unique to each of our lives, and yet it speaks with only one vibration – the vibration of love. As humans, our access to spirituality is personal – its organisation belongs to source. It has a voice that speaks softly to each of us individually, and a voice that speaks silently to all of us collectively. The silence of its collective voice can be raised only through our personal commitment to love, to share, to be kind, generous and most of all, to be grateful.

Your Inner-voice is your guide and spiritual companion.
Meditation is your doorway
Peace is your communication
Love is your word . . .
If you can hear it, it is yours . . .
Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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