October 31, 2016

The hidden language of our Essential Feeling-Energy

How does a baby understand the world around them prior to learning and understanding a language?

The hidden language of our Essential Feeling-Energy

‍A new baby is neither dumb nor empty of knowledge.

Along with their complete baby-body, they are 100% endowed with the universal language of being alive as a physical being. The source of that language is the energy of “life itself” and the baby receives and expresses that energy through its heart and nervous system.

The language of the baby is the language of energy. It is un-worded, unspoken, and it is in the first instance, the uncorrupted experience of “authentic human feeling”. Information, in the form of feeling-energy is received at the human heart and is the essence of our intuition and free creativity.

Before a baby learns to language, it relies solely on this form of energy communication. The ability to “read energy” is an innate part of being human, and it is also an essential survival tool. When we “googoo gaga” to a baby, they do not understand the words, but they do feel the ENERGY of our communication. No matter what a parent says, the unlanguaged child will respond only to the “feeling-energy” being communicated.

Once a baby or young child, learns a word-language, that language becomes the child’s primary source of communication – for reasons understandable of course. However, along with the ability to communicate more fluently with its siblings, friends and caregivers, the child also absorbs the inherent shortcomings and negative social aspects upon which the language itself is formed. Apart from the convenience of a more cognitive communication, human languages enable deception, manipulation and discrimination, all of which are strangers to the intuitive language of our essential feeling-energy.

As the child grows up their reliance on the learned language grows to the point where their natural intuitive abilities become steadily diminished. Sound familiar? As the saying goes . . . if you don’t use it you lose it!

My question is; are we losing our innate intuitive abilities? Or is it just a question of the making space in our communications to reintegrate something very special to being human. Here is something to think about . . .

Firstly, our essential feeling-energy communication was instinctive and intuitive – we didn’t have to learn how to do it. Secondly, as conscious beings that think and talk in words, it was equally as natural for us to create a “second” (word) language that was applicable to the human life we were living – despite all its pitfalls. As our second language became our preferred method of communication our essential feeling-energy communication skills were relegated to our unconscious mind – but not forgotten.

In fact, in any given life situation, our initial (conscious) response will be to think first and then come to a conclusion and respond – all in our learned language. But there is also an unconscious response that happens before we even think about our situation. Because it is unconscious, we will not always be aware that it is happening, except perhaps for those who have a strong intuitive connection. For the large majority of people, this pre-cognitive response is overlooked in favour of our more “commonly-used” ability to make rational assumptions – subjective as they may be . . .

This semi-unconscious pre-cognitive response is, in fact, the remnants of our innate ability to communicate using our essential feeling-energy – just as we did in our earliest years.

Proof of this phenomenon can be found in the documentary video of “The Living Matrix” where, in an experiment titled the electro-physiology of intuition, subjects were shown random images from opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. The subjects were wired for brain, heart and brain/heart interaction. The results showed that the first response – referred to as a “body response”, was unconscious and received at the heart in a predictive way – PRIOR to the image being shown. The heart then sent a signal to the brain where the brain became conscious of the image – followed by the subject’s conscious response. It is also worth noting that the human heart has its own intrinsic nervous system that operates independently of the brain.

So, it’s not like we have lost our intuitive ability to experience and respond from our essential feeling-energy; it’s just that this instinctive mode of communication operates in a more silent environment, and is generally obscured by the noise and bustle of our “conscious” word-language communications.

The retrieval of this innate human ability is to consciously refrain from coming to instant conclusions about things. If possible, sit for while in silence and notice your inner responses – you may be surprised by what you feel and how different your responses might end up being.

We have learned to distrust our feelings, only because those feelings have come AFTER our rational conclusions. In other words, if we have decided in our conscious mind that our situation is bleak, our emotional response will naturally be a negative one. This can often compound our situation and even cause us to respond irrationally – hence, the difficulty we have in trusting our feelings.

But the key to accessing our true and trustworthy feeling-energy, lies in our connection with the feeling-energy that happens BEFORE we are conscious of our situation. This is a totally different energy to what happens after our conscious thought. In order to access this, we need to quieten our compulsive urge to respond with words, and just feel what we are feeling.

For many reasons, it is important we get to know ourselves at this intuitive feeling level. Meditating on a regular basis will help us develop composure around reducing the stress levels that cause obsession and compulsiveness. But there is one very important reason today that we rediscover ourselves in this way. This has to do with how we create our lives in terms of achieving our goals and fulfilling our purpose.

I am reminded every day that what I create in my life is the result of my energy output. There are many inspirational speakers and presenters around the world who promote the “Law of Attraction” and the universal process of aligning our energy to that which we desire. Put another way, what we create in every moment, is the result of our energetic offering. So if we are not receiving what we are mindfully wanting to receive, then our energetic offering is asking for something else – inevitably, the result of what we are getting!

The discrepancy between our conscious thoughts and what we offer energetically is related to the same issue that prevents us from accessing our essential feeling-energy communication, our intuition and our free creativity. While changing our mind may be easy to do – changing our heart is a very different challenge . . .

Our heart is the source of our energetic offering to the world. It is also the conduit of our universal connection to everything. Our heart connection is also the home of our deepest values and ethics and it cannot lie. But our heart can be stuck in unaddressed incompletions. This can affect our deepest beliefs and be a sabotaging energy to our conscious desires.

In nurturing our connection with our feeling-energy in its essential form, we are able to heal the discord between heart and mind. The effect of this healing is to bring our essential feeling-energy to full consciousness, but we must be willing to speak less, and listen more.

I have only recently realised the true value my music brings to the table when it comes to communicating with something deep within. The music embodies the preservation of my innate ability to communicate at a feeling-energy level – and yes, most of my life it has been unconscious. It is also an ideal music for meditation because meditation provides a way of accessing what is unconscious to us – a way of knowing ourselves deeply and a way of surpassing the limitations of our beliefs.

The human world is coming to a standstill. I don’t know when, but it will be a turning point in the evolution of our awareness. For each of us, getting to know the purpose of our life in the grander scheme of things will bring a natural peace to humanity, and everything good will follow. Meditation will be our doorway to our inner self and to the oneness of our population. It is a beautiful vision that lives within each of us, and it will be realised when we all find it.

So go forward and find the language of your essential feeling-energy. Trust in it with all your heart and you will create your desires in the most magical way possible.

In peace as always . . .

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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