March 17, 2016

Smile, you’re an energy healer

The spiritual-science of energy healing . . .

Smile, you’re an energy healer

Firstly, remember we are all connected – our separateness is only the surface appearance of our physical nature.

Also, we ALL have the gift of healing. We can heal ourselves and we can heal others.

Hang-on! If we can all heal ourselves, why is there a need to offer healing to others?

To “heal ourselves naturally” is a primary function of being human. The human body is constantly balancing and rebalancing itself. We have been doing this since we arrived. Now after thousands of years of living this way, we suddenly find ourselves immersed in medical science and technology – with the ability to artificially manipulate our state of wellness.

The cost of the transition from natural healing to allopathic medical treatment has largely been to our immune systems. Before medical science, having a strong immune system was how we got through life. We were more connected to nature and generally supplements were not required. In the event of needing immune support, remedies and potions that were handed down through generations could be effective because they were drawn from nature and they naturally supported our immunity.

The mainstream approach to wellness through chemical intervention or pharmaceuticals undermines, and considerably weakens the human immune system. As a result, we are becoming dependent on modern medicine to keep us healthy and alive. This growing dependency on an already-overloaded health system is leading to health complications for many people. It also presents an inherent danger to human life.

Natural healing is now considered to be a significant part of human wellness and this is why there is a need to offer energy healing to others.

Energy healing restores the function of the human immune system and empowers us to heal ourselves. Keep in mind also, that as our self-healing capacity is as much energetically driven as it is physically, a healthy immune system directly correlates to a healthy and positive outlook. The attitude of a healthy mind contributes significantly to a healthy body. The body’s vital systems act on the language of the mind, employing the power of belief to modulate our human biology. This is referred to as Placebo and is a very real and tangible part of energy healing.

Here is a simple way of looking at energy healing. When we smile warmly at a person, that person feels the energy of our smile and this creates an emotional response within them. There are many hundreds of chemical changes that produce the feelings of happiness and pleasure. In that single moment, our smile was the agent provocateur for that persons healing. All, as a result of us passing on our happy vibes!

Positive energy is contagious – watch out you might catch some!

In the first place, energy healing is a decision we make to connect with the person we are healing. Secondly, when a person needs healing energy, that energy has to evolve within us. In other words, we have to be “feeling their healing”. We have to get to a place within ourselves where they have COMPLETELY RECOVERED!

The energy to be well or “wellness energy” is contained in the absolute belief of wellness . . .

Yes, when a person needs healing their energy might be low. They could be physically, emotionally and mentally weak. But despite any diagnosis we make relating to their apparent condition, energy healing requires that we treat them from our unmoving belief in their total wellness.

When I am energy healing I can sometimes find myself in two places at once. On one hand I am faced with the symptoms my client is showing. On the other, I must treat them in the visualisation of their total recovery. Healing is all about balance; not just the chemical balance of wellness itself, but also the balance a healer must find in treating sickness with wellness – in treating disease with ease.

Our belief in our personal wellbeing is also vitally important. Passing on feelings of wellness, come through our own feelings of wellness – this cannot be sidestepped.

The famous double-slit light experiment shows that energy goes where we place our attention. Just by observing, we can affect an object’s form and outcome. Visualisation is a healer’s most powerful tool. There are no limits to what we can imagine. When it comes to healing, we can give to the limit we believe in. Giving our attention to a person’s wellness through their disease is the same as seeing their most essential form evolving through the shroud of their adversity. To radiate freedom around them is the greatest healing we can pass on.

Finally, there is a step that many thousands of human beings are taking today, and that is to assume the full responsibility of their health and wellbeing. In true Placebo, even the idea of taking this step begins the journey back to natural health.

Stay well
Peace always

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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