July 26, 2016

Peace and Perception

What we focus on, we give life to” – and here’s the adjunct . . . our focus is not about WHAT we are looking at – but HOW we are seeing it.

Peace and Perception

Our “perception” is an important, if not imperative distinction to make if we are to create a true and lasting peace . . .

In the world today, there are situations happening all around us where we are so certain of what we are seeing. But without question, our unchecked perceptions bypass any opportunity for, or possibility of peace. Recent human tragedies are revealing that still the common focus leads to a reaction of anger and vengeance, and the more we see it that way, the more violence there will be . . .

But believe it or not, ALL IS WELL. With the shrinking of the world, we are becoming one family of people – as we truly are. Human awareness is growing up and we are creating these current difficulties to teach us how to live together in peace. But for all that, the most significant realisation is that we EACH make a difference no matter who we are or what we do. Our single presence here has meaning and purpose. Peace in the bigger picture begins within each of us. It’s just a question of what we are willing to do as an individual, to have that peace.

Are we willing to see things differently?

To “see things differently” asks a lot of the rational mind-set. We have good reason for seeing things as we do – and yet, we are no closer to peace than we were thousands of years ago. Our scientific reality convinces us that life and all its circumstances exist independently of us and that this (material) reality is the only reality. Following a doctrine such as this, we have little chance of expanding our view of life.

RELAX; with the maturing of human awareness, we are now seeing new possibilities. The holistic universe is a very real thing and it has a part to play in moving science and technology to a new level – refer Wikipedia ”the observer effect”. At the same time it opens the door for a true peace through the will of collective human consciousness. But first, we must realise the potency of our focus and how this creates our reality. The opportunity for this is out there in the world now. We have the perfect circumstance for transformation on both a personal and global scale.

Breaking the hold of our rational observations and the tendency to automatically react in vengeance is our first hurdle. The most valuable move we can make is to reserve our conclusions in the first instance. Be silent. Surrender the need to be right and take another look. Take time to work through what you are feeling and consider rethinking anything that would have you respond in an aggressive manner.

To have peace, we must focus on peace and only peace . . .

To create Peace, our focus must be driven by LOVE, not by fear. There is so much propaganda in the world today that utilises fear as a motivator. We are constantly subjected to its energy and it is undoubtedly another hurdle for us. Fear of consequence may seem justified, but the lesson of fear, focuses only on consequence – and so the consequence is created. Teaching with love is empowering and always has a positive outcome. Love is the energy that evolves the universe. Love is unconditional. Love just is . . . When we focus with love, we create love – and that love creates peace.

Moving our perceptions from the scientific, fear-based reality to the holistic, love-based reality can take time. There are stages of development involved in this process and I have identified these below. Also consider meditating if you are not already. A daily meditation will assist you in will creating the space to fine-tune your perceptions so as to enhance the quality of your creative focus.

When it comes to learning and developing skills, such as elevating our perceptions, there are four distinct stages of development. These are known as “The Learning Matrix” and an awareness of them will help identify your on-going development.

Perceptions of love and peace always . . .

The Learning Matrix

  1. Unconsciously unskilled: we don’t know that we don’t have the skills, or that we need to learn them.
    – Interim stage; we become conscious of needing the skills . . .
  2. Consciously unskilled: we now know that we don’t have the skills.
    – Interim stage; we go about learning and acquiring the skills . . .
  3. Consciously skilled: we now know that we have the skills.
    – Interim stage; we practice repeatedly . . .
  4. Unconsciously skilled: we are no longer conscious of having the skills as the practice of them comes naturally.
Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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