December 14, 2016

Overcoming 'prediction-consciousness'

In energy fields of any kind, “what comes around goes around”.

Overcoming 'prediction-consciousness'

In fact you could say that this would be the operative phrase in energy-field phenomena.

In the energy-field of our human consciousness we can be unconsciously influenced without reason to believing the most widely held populous views. That is, unless we ourselves are consciously aware enough to compensate and reiterate the strength of our choice in everything we do.

The aim of this journal entry is to point out that ancient intuitive “predictions” – as they are received, are not immoveable events in time. What happens in the evolution of physical creation is connected in everyway to our human consciousness. Through the everyday choices we make in our lives, we are inextricably involved in the unfolding of all future events and possibilities. Whether we are aware of this or not makes no difference to the extent of our input, but the “quality” of what we offer is greatly enhanced by our “conscious” contribution to the whole.

Intuitive predictions of the “end days” are possibilities commonly held by many clairvoyant individuals, religions and cultures of our distant past. It is worth considering that the content of many of these proclamations could be as much “projected” as they are predicted. Many of the ancients believed and focused on the “dark times” that would occur, perhaps justifiably, as a warning to future generations to be aware of such possibilities to avoid. But in many ways these “end of days” predictions were greatly influenced by the life surroundings in which the seer was living. The further back you go the more barbaric life could be, and this inevitably would add a “darkness” to the end result.

In my view, the most uncorrupted transmission is the source of a credible astrological prediction in the galactic alignment of our sun – an event that happens every 26,000 years. This event was depicted by many cultures including the Maya who accurately pinpointed the exact time of this event in 2012, and with this date ended their Mayan calendar. The galactic alignment marks the progression of a major cycle that reflects significant change in physical creation – and therefore a corresponding change in human consciousness. This is not only the end, but also the beginning of a new cycle that will bring humanity into a new age of consciousness – a golden age.

After the “end of days” predictions there is very little information declared. In fact in the lost book of Nostradamus, the final images in the “book of life” reveal the wheel of time with no spokes and an open book with no words! Of course, one might assume that these images could depict the wheels of life “falling off” and an empty book symbolically reflecting the end of humanity. But it’s really about whether you believe in the glass being half empty – or half full.

For me the fullness is what it is about. The wheels without spokes would depict a different age, not based on time and materialism. The empty pages quite simply say that our future is in the writing of our choices – from here, we create our own destiny.

We are learning that the only constant is change; as an example, findings in developmental (human) biology reveal that having a hereditary condition is not irreversible or fixed in time, as was once thought. We may have a propensity to a certain condition, but we are not victims of anything unless we say we are. Our language, our thoughts, our feelings and our beliefs are our self-healing placebo. We create our life through where we place our attention, and we have choice in how we do that.

To give energy to negative dark-day predictions is a trap we should avoid at all costs. We are entering a bright new age of human life, and it will be a time of great possibilities and wondrous events. Keeping ourselves safe from negative vibration is important and we can do this through our daily, personal meditations. Meditation is easy and especially now, essential to our healthy future. Not only for each of us at a personal level, but through the power of group meditation and group consciousness, we will all be involved in a collective miracle that will return the impossible situation of the materialist hangover, to balance and harmony.

When it comes down to it – who would not choose a life of peace and prosperity?

Stay strong and connected . . .
Be at peace always

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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