December 31, 2016

Open on the inside

Well, here we are on the cusp again; 2016 in the past, and 2017 in the now.

Open on the inside

It seems like with the passing of every year we become more defined in our life intention and more aware of our inner direction.

Undoubtedly, there is an upward movement within the greater human consciousness that influences us to know ourselves and live our lives in harmony with the natural order of things. Of course, meditation is a big part of this inner connection; as a result, we live in a more expansive awareness than just the external reality of the physical universe.

But for all our inner awareness, we are still living a human life with eyes wide open. We are still subject to the influence of believing that the source of our reality is external. For thousands of years the majority of our ancestors have lived in the subjective reality of separation – just because “it appeared that way”. As nearby ascendants in cellular memory, we can still slip back into the old beliefs from time to time. Fortunately though, with Meditation and our connection to an expanding human consciousness, we have time to perceive and integrate a new holistic reality – a reality where each of us is all of us, where what we create within – reflects without.

“Once we begin to see the world around us as a reflection of our own light, our full attention is drawn to find that light within us”.

At the cusp of this New Year, it is good to look out into the world around you and visualise your new intention for 2017. We are also in a New Moon phase, making this an even more powerful time to begin anew. It is good to be OPEN to the most beautiful possibility you can imagine, to see it in all its magnificence, standing before you as a testimony to the amazing creative being that you are. But always remember, the source of that vision is within you, and that is where your openness begins . . .

We are only beginning to work with our inner self and it is a productive action to check-in with our deepest source when it comes to our inner openness. The conduit between our source and what we create in the physical world must be clear and open for the transmission of our creative energy. Our New Year’s resolution cannot be a statement of I wish, I hope, I want, or even – I desire. The nature of our creative source is instant. Once we ask, we receive in the moment. It is only our level of openness that accounts for delays.

Here is an exercise for your New Year’s resolution . . .

OPENNESS is held in the flow of energy that we are willing to receive.

Checkpoint one:

Are we willing to receive? Is our “will” in the flow of our worthiness of this most amazing miracle for 2017!
Close your eyes, ask your heart . . . BE with this until your arrive at your Inner Peace.

OPENNESS is held in the sacredness of our belief and the forgiving of our heart.

Checkpoint two:

Is your asking a desire of your divine connection, or is it cry from your aching heart? Close your eyes, ask again and listen . . . BE with this until you arrive at your Inner Peace.

OPENNESS is receiving in full, and in the moment.

Checkpoint three:

You have asked and in that moment you have received in full. Feel your energy – is there completion and gratitude? Close your eyes, ask your heart . . . BE with this until you arrive at your Inner Peace.

Remembering that Inner Peace is at the beginning of everything; there can only be openness from that point on. It may be that you need to sit for a while in acceptance of your truth and allow the energy of your peace to open your heart to receive, to be worthy and to be in your full connection.

“Between the universal creative source and our ability to manifest our desires, is an open, forgiving heart”.

We must forgive everybody and everything. Most of all, we must forgive ourselves; this is the way of an open heart. There can be nothing but love for the world and everything in it before your resolution can become an immediate physical reality.

Sit in meditation
let go of everything that would close your heart
Stay with the music . . .
Open your eyes slowly
See your new year as you have spoken it . . .

May your blessings be joy, love and abundance for 2017!
With Inner Peace always . . .

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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