September 7, 2016

Onward and upward... come on the Peace-Train

One of the great timeless songs of the 1960’s and 70‘s Pop-music era was the 1971 hit “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens, (aka, Yusuf Islam).

Onward and upward... come on the Peace-Train

With the war going on in Vietnam, popular singer-songwriters of the day were able to capture the feeling of their generation and through their music, broadcast their protest to large and supportive audiences.

Hence, there were many great songs recorded in this vein, including John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” – yet another simple but poignant statement that inspired a generation to believe in the possibility of peace.

But the “Peace Train” song is quite remarkable. Now, having gone past the possibility stage, it is now quite literally, a materialised prediction. The Cat Stevens song aptly embodies the amassing numbers of people today who are choosing a “new train” of peaceful thought and feeling – or “mindful-peace”. The difference now, is that this movement is not reactionary or motivated by protest. This “new peace” is a subjective change that begins and ends within each of us, and that is that! The collective result of a peaceful world is courtesy of “energy-field phenomena”, and this is created quite naturally through the exponential multiplication of peaceful thinkers – each and all contributing to the blossoming of a new and common-awareness, rising within the collective human mind.

Yes, the Peace-Train is “sounding louder”, as we get closer to the critical mass required to tip the awareness scales. The amazing thing is that the only way this could ever have been achieved, is through each of us taking action to develop our “Inner Peace” as a fundamental platform on which to launch our personal happiness and fulfilment. The accumulative result of a worldly peace will truly be a magic to behold, as one person’s peaceful desire becomes peace for the entire population. Oh, and as for that peace-train – it will run on forever . . .

Peace cannot be taught
because it is already present within each of us –
Peace can only be remembered.

Meditating daily is the way we remember our Inner Peace. It is so important today that we PAUSE to “look within” – there is so much to see and experience within ourselves. The things that we have missed by living our lives at a frenetic pace, are revealed in meditation. The space we create in our lives through regular meditation empowers every aspect of being a human being. In meditation, there is an inner-teacher that speaks from our deepest self, bringing us to the realisation of our true worth and our essential meaning in life.

Meditation is not a religion. We can meditate together, but the goodness we receive comes from within our single-self experience, through our personal conduit to universal and unconditional love. It is through this that we realise our oneness together. We cannot convert others to its practice. We can only “be the light” that meditation reveals within us. We can only live in that light and let it shine in our own lives, so that others might see in its glow and find their own inner peace within themselves.

The peace-train represents a maturing of the human mind
and will bring about a new world of kindness,
consideration, gratitude and peace.

And one more thing . . . meditation will grow slowly on you. Remember the three “P’s” – Participation, Patience and Perseverance. In this new world of technological advances and instant gratification, we have developed an impatience for life. For this moment to be quicker than the last, accounts for a “speeding-up” of time, leaving many with an impending emptiness. “If it doesn’t work now – it doesn’t work at all” is just part of the impatience-perception and there are withdrawals to be endured if we are to reclaim our sense of passing through time, appropriate to being human.

The exercise of meditation will in itself bring balance to our time perception. But we must also remember to nurture a sense of patience within ourselves. Notice the little miracles in life and the big ones will soon follow. Don’t be afraid to let go of old habits to make space for the new. Your life will be longer if you make it so – in your mind. There is never the need to hurry – everything happens in perfect motion. Meditation grows slowly on you – enjoy the journey, smell the flowers and be grateful you are YOU, and you are HERE. Let your inner happiness grow through the lengthening of days and you will find your peace within, just as you remember.

Now you are on the Peace-Train . . . come take me home again.

Meditate always
Peace and love to you all

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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