April 12, 2017

Of one human family...

Being Human is where we begin – it is the quintessential body of our earthly experience.

Of one human family...

To this beginning; no one who lives, or has ever lived a human life, is an exception.

We are of one human family.

There is a significant opportunity before us all – an opportunity to recognise and remember. An opportunity to stand within the person we have become . . . and at the same time to remember – from whence we came.

It is a wonderful blessing to be alive – to be able to breathe the air, to see by the sun, and to look at the universe looking back at you. In all its splendour, human life is the creation of the divine. In our bodies, we are each uniquely different in so many ways, and yet “we are one” in the awareness of each other and in the sharing of our life experience.

Memory is the fourth dimension of our physical awareness – upon this we create the continuity of our life. From the podium of our knowledge and experience, we reach for the star that shines within our heart. In this divine universe there is a purpose – a purpose to be, and a purpose to hold.

Be-hold . . .

Behold within all the complexities of life, the eloquent simplicity of our arrival. The moment before all moments began. The being before we became – the “I am” of who we are.

Remember . . . the moment before we drew first breath. We were all there, each of us a human expression of being, an expression of human being. We are as each alike, in the beginning and to the end, of one human family.

No matter what we achieve in our life that makes us different . . . we are of one human family.

No matter where we are born and to whom we are children . . . we are of one human family.

No matter how we perceive others or ourselves . . . we are of one human family.

Before we dressed ourselves in garments of distinction, we were naked in the miracle of our human birth. For each, it was the most poignant moment in time; it cannot be lost – especially now . . .

Along with our awareness of what we have achieved, of how we know ourselves to be, and to what we have become today; we were from the beginning, as one human family.

And then since, we have divided ourselves above and below, and we have aggressed and warred with each other. And equally through righteous intent, we have divided that which creates us . . . and still we forget; we are of one human family.

It is not for us to open our eyes, but to close them and to look within . . . It is a time to sit and remember.

The illusion of life that follows in line
sees one day after another
and another comes to pass us by
to fade into our dusk of mind
the gathering of yesterdays
are safely left behind . . .
and we remain as right as rain
on the line we made of time.

In our rational perceptions, time that passes is eventually gone. But to the intuitive-creative mind, comes a balance of all things happening at once – our forward motion in life is essentially holistic. Yesterday is part of today, as today is part of tomorrow – nothing is ever left behind.

No matter where, who or what we are in life; that we are of one human family never leaves us. The legacy of human survival depends greatly upon this recognition.

Breathe it in . . . and breathe out your love for the world.

There is nothing going wrong in the world, there is nothing to save. There is only to add into the mix of your life a remembering . . . that before all else,
We are of One Human Family

Happy meditations . . .
In music, in peace and in love,
you are blessed always

On a musical note, I will add . . . the experience of living life in a holistic way, is the same difference between listening to a piece of music through a single speaker in monophonic sound, compared to the multi-speaker experience of surround-sound. It’s the same music, but the feeling and awareness (of life) is greatly expanded.

Expanding the mind to experience the holism of life requires daily meditation. Simply Stillness to music will open your mind to new and wonderful possibilities – try it.

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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