April 5, 2016

Let the music meditate you

The funny thing about music is that when we listen to it, there is a memory being stimulated within us.

Let the music meditate you

The vibration, the nature of the music and the words if any, all contribute to a feeling recognition.

A composer may write a piece of music that lasts for ten minutes, and yet its inspiration might only have been a moment of feeling. When we listen to that music we can have a lasting inspiration of that moment.

Music is a timeless space . . .

That’s how it began for me. My earliest memories of music were mystical moments of peace that serenaded the tangible presence of nature’s beauty. Flowing textures that seemed to last for hours transcended dimension to be heard in a passing moment. So powerfully alluring was its magnetic vibration that it became forever embedded within this heart.

To be forgotten and remembered – to be left and returned . . .

After many turns on my journey in music, I found myself back where I started, or perhaps I had just come a full-circle? Either way, I could feel this strong-attraction to creating a totally different sound – a sound that could somehow benefit people’s lives. After I began meditating, it came to me. My first reaction was to have a mental “double-take”, I had felt this vibration before somewhere – but where? And then it dawned on me, yes! This was the same beautiful music I had heard as a child – through the timeless beauty of nature, evolved the most evocatively blissful music score. Like no time had passed, it began flowing back into my consciousness.

As reminded, it was realised . . .

That music slower in tempo, softer in texture and performed in tender articulation, can with ease collapse a lifetime of fabrication. It is the inner-self that listens and dances to this vibration . . . In the recognition of a beautiful peace, came music with a natural space to contemplate, deliberate and mostly, to meditate.

For beginners to meditation, sitting still with eyes closed while remaining awake can be daunting to say the least. Apart from the unaccustomed tediousness of prolonged inactivity, there can be the over-disruption of a busy mind. For meditation, this music dramatically reduces the distraction of these things, providing an easy entry into and out-of a relaxing meditative routine. The uninterrupted continuity of the music makes meditating for extended periods of time quite achievable from the outset.

The essential quality of this music naturally induces a dream-like state in the listener, allowing the possibility of deep insight and creative visualisation.

It wasn’t like I actually designed the music to perform these invaluable tasks. On one hand, I was recalling a sensory experience of childhood. On the other, I was intuitively creating a continuously peaceful sound environment. But all the time, I could feel a subtle, yet equally powerful vibration within this music. What’s more, it wasn’t just humans that felt it; I noticed both flora and fauna receiving and responding to its natural resonance. This music was capable of reducing the vibratory rate of whatever was within its range.

For me, being connected to its magic meant a life of constant surrender and uplifting joy. In the wake of my own fabrication, I was left standing naked with only the most essential aspect of my being – along with the source of its creation. After its first bathing, nothing was ever the same again – except just the “me” that always was . . .

Somehow the music did all that. In a stroke of quiet, the silent spaces behind and between the notes became as much the music as the sound itself.

This music brings you to meditation. Just when you thought there were hidden costs, meditation arrives on your doorstep dressed as music. It knows that to meditate is the biggest change for you, so in its softest tone, it reminisces of your most peaceful moment. In its most restful tempo, it remembers Inner Peace as your most ancient ancestor. And, in its most peaceful vibration, it reminds the simple truth of loving yourself, just as you are.

When a person meditates, they begin to empty their lives of accumulated stress in the form of past incompletions.

By definition, incompletions clutter the human mind. Until they are released, they will continue to infiltrate and distract from our moment-to-moment awareness. This not only reduces the level of our conscious attention, but can also create attachments to inauthentic behaviors. Without resolution, our incompletions become chronic. In the interests of maintaining a sense of normality, we accommodate the incompletions by suppressing the associated stress levels. This compromises our outward behaviour and over time this adjustment becomes “the norm” for us. As this all happens incrementally, we don’t notice the gradual change in how we experience ourself. But generally speaking, the change in character caused by suppressed stress can leave us with a low self-esteem and diminished sense of self. In terms of how we see our potential, what we are left with, is a limited version of what we are actually capable of.

Regular meditation using this music reveals our natural and uncompromised sense of self. This, being our predominant vibration, begins to dissolve our incompletions and attachments, leaving us feeling happier and more present in the moment. The subtle vibration in the music is uncomplicated and spiritually reminiscent, revealing the earliest cellular memory of our most peaceful state, and a time when simplicity was everything experienced. The extended and unmoving flow in the music keeps us anchored in this feeling, eventually reconstituting a sense of profound peace into our current cells.

To meditate is to be in a deeply relaxed state of consciousness. In that state, there can be an elevated sense of contentment and bliss. All creatures in nature meditate as part of their normal instinctual awareness. Equally, to meditate is natural and very simple for humans. In the congenial atmosphere of this music, meditation is made even easier and more enjoyable.

So if you will . . . sit in stillness and let the music meditate you.

In peace

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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