March 6, 2016

Is being a “follower” or a “leader” an outdated tradition?

My quest is see people find their Inner peace in life.

Is being a “follower” or a “leader” an outdated tradition?

This leads me to the question of being a “follower” or a “leader”...

... is it relevant to the evolution of human consciousness – or is it an outdated tradition that needs review? . . . In the name of peace within –

The perception of leadership that is still upheld in societies around the industrialised world is one of ego-driven status. It is the “old-model” that discriminates by right of privilege and it continues to divide the natural equality between all human beings. By default, such an outlook also precipitates apathy and irresponsibility within the population.

There are no followers – we each have our own path to walk.

The common understanding around leadership is that to be a “leader” is something to aspire to, and that those who have achieved this are our champions and gurus. The psychology of creating such a status assumes and reinforces the discrimination between those who have leadership and those who have not. Those who have not are relegated to “follower” status and the lesser trimmings that come with that position. The model that represents the hierarchy of the crown versus the common people is a model out of date in today’s world. Equally, so is employer versus employee.

Perhaps there are many words we still use that describe old human paradigms, and perhaps these words limit our potential and possibility. Perhaps, it is time we stopped using them . . .

This blog is not about bringing down monarchy mentality, it is about uplifting the apathy and compulsive-follower within all of us. When we abdicate our natural responsibilities in life, we leave a gaping hole for anyone to walk in and be our master. One has only to look back at the circumstances around recent world wars.

We are all leaders AND we are all followers.

The shift in consciousness that humanity is currently experiencing, exemplifies the transformation of our attitudes when it comes to being a leader or a follower. In truth, we are both. We are the leader in our life and we are the follower of our purpose or cause. Neither leading or following has, or deserves more status or importance; they are both equally as critical to our personal fulfilment and peace. We can no longer afford to support a model that holds one above the other – in any way.

When it comes to working together in cooperation, there is also a new challenge. Slavery has long gone, and yet the energy still remains within the employer (leader) versus employee (follower) relationship. It is worth mentioning that neither party is wrong. However, I believe the employee is in a better position to facilitate a transformative change by closing the hole that allows a master in their life. For the employee, the opportunity lies in being their own master and acting in accordance with this in every moment of their life. What this is saying is that for the follower-mentality, there is no other position than to realise and exercise the leader-within.

In the developed world, the current human dilemma between those who have and those who have-not, can be transformed through the work of the have-nots reclaiming their natural and innate power of leadership – thus creating the redundancy of the haves.

In terms of cooperation and teamwork in the new paradigm, it is the “cause” of coming together that becomes the focus of the “follower” within each team member. Each team member in their “leadership” role assumes accountability in the success of the cause, and each team member receives equal accolade and recompense for their contribution. The achievement of the cause is not the responsibility of any one team-member declared as leader.

Undoubtedly from where we stand the above is an ideal. But as we move forward into the new consciousness I believe we will come into alignment with this level of equality and recognition for each other’s natural gifts.

The leadership quality we have within us never abdicates responsibility for anything, because at that level there is no fallback position. We are the masters and creators of our lives. To a true leader there is no fixed position of leadership. A true leader has no qualms of leading from behind – whatever is required . . .

The true follower within us represents the energy of sharing. It is the energy of empowering the leadership of another, and at the same time without lessening the leadership of self. We cannot be a true leader without firstly being a true follower. To be a true follower is to be in selfless giving – to surrender personal cause for the collective purpose is the wisdom of the true follower. But here is the quandary; it is a choice that can only be made through personal leadership . . .

I wish you peace along the way

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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