February 9, 2016

From driver to chauffeur

One of the amazing things about meditation is that it opens a new communication with our deeper self.

From driver to chauffeur

It is a communication that recognises the truth of our most essential being.

It can be unforgiving when it comes to facing-up to ourselves, but in the harmony of our alignment it brings Inner peace and contentment to our lives . . .

Life is a journey. Our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions create the vehicle of our forward motion. We move from idea to idea, from one thought to another, referencing our position by our perceptions and all the time, aiming ourselves squarely at the target of our desire.

Yet, for so many of us there is an elusiveness about that target. In our imagination, getting there seems like a simple-enough straight line but so often we find ourselves ducking, diving, bending and bracing in an effort to stay on course, and why?

Well, this answer may seem as elusive as the target, but if you look closely you will see that the afore-mentioned “vehicle of our forward motion” (complete with our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions) has a “driver” all of its own. Only by way of our abdication, have we allowed it to continue.

Here’s the bottom-line; for every decision we make there is a reason or a driver. In terms of building a mindful intellect, we are bound to trust in the earliest fundamental structures of our thoughts and beliefs in order to build above. Without review or reconciliation, our current driver-motivation can be tinged with the incompletions of our past, rendering our future a continuing story of what we have already endured – sound familiar?

The elusiveness of our target is in itself an illusion – a convenient distraction that enables us to complete with our past in the name of our future success. In any case, the chance of experiencing true heart-felt success is unlikely without connection to the original untarnished purpose.

The answer then becomes; change the driver!

The essential being we access through meditation gives us the opportunity to change the driver through the completion of our past. When it comes to decision-making it is always a good idea to be aware of what is motivating us. After a lifetime of thinking a certain way, we must be vigilant in moving forward for the right reasons. To ask yourself, “what is driving me to make this decision?” can be both revealing and productive. Knowing yourself at a deep level along with a commitment to your growth will always surface a trustworthy response, albeit a reply you may not have been expecting or wanted to hear. Suffice to say, your meditation life will gently assist your healing and bring you into alignment with your goals and your dreams.

At the end of the day it is worth remembering that your essential self has no attachment to your achievements. But equally, in the recognition of your life service it will add strength to your resolve in accomplishing as you wish . . .

For the deeper self, your purpose is neither to reduce nor expand
But to simply know and love yourself as you are in this moment.
Know that nothing is expected of you, save being at peace.

I find myself thinking of my childhood and the reasons that drove me to walk in the Botanical Gardens. It was my decision to flee the stress of family tension that led me to a place where I found the peace within music – a magical moment that has so influenced my pathway in life.

On this long and winding road there have been many obstacles to surmount and drivers to dismiss. Perhaps there are more yet, but just to say that regardless of difficult early-life circumstances, there can be no regrets of how your life has unfolded. Time is never wasted, especially when one considers what may have started as a negative driver can always transform into the most positive and beautiful chauffeur.

Meditate always.
With much love and peace

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Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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