May 5, 2016

Enhancing your reality – through DNA consciousness

“Enhancing your reality” is a hot topic at the moment.

Enhancing your reality – through DNA consciousness

Human consciousness is waking to the realisation that your life-circumstances are not just serendipitous events, but are the direct result of your outlook and attitude.

The new reckoning identifies your thoughts, beliefs and emotions as being the primary influence in the evolution of your day-to-day reality.

Where once, we believed the immoveable nature of the physical world somehow predetermined our fate, we are now facing a completely remodelled understanding of this. New scientific research is revealing our Human DNA as the essential “mover and shaker” of what comes to pass in life . . .

DNA is present in the trillions of cells that form our human body – on average, about fifty trillion! The radiation from all that DNA forms an electro-magnetic energy-field around us that extends outward into the physical world, where it integrates with other extended fields to connect us with everything everywhere! Our DNA radiation contains embedded information relating to our personal beliefs and attitudes, particularly around our needs and desires. In normal circumstances, the interaction between our DNA energy-field and the matrix of energy fields surrounding us, work like a mirror to return to us exactly what we ask for.

It all sounds straightforward and easy. In the perfect scenario, you wish for something and you get it! The problem for so many people today is that what comes back, doesn’t appear to match what was going out. The reason for this is that when we ask, we can often be in a state of deficit or doubt. In our asking, these unconscious beliefs will influence the outcome, or in this case – the income! What returns to us will be as always, exactly what we asked for.

The big question then becomes, how do we ask in a way that returns the same?
And, the answer is . . .

On the other side of our DNA, new research is confirming that the quality of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs actually modulate the genetic disposition of our DNA blueprint through a process called Epigenetics – or the impact of environmental conditions. Interestingly, and according to the HeartMath® Institute who have researched the idea extensively, the cognitive quality that most influences our DNA, is when we are in heart coherence or being in a “heart-focused loving state”. Positive thoughts and feelings such as gratitude, kindness, compassion, appreciation and self-love are all qualities that can influence DNA, and here is why . . .

If we just look around us, we see the continuing evolution of nature through the growth and lifecycles of a myriad species of flora and fauna. At every level, the fundamental aspect in the continuum of life is a positive and flourishing energy. Light, that emanates and radiates from the billions of stars around us, including our own sun, saturate the entire cosmos in light-filled physical consciousness. Light is the carrier of LOVE and it is everywhere. “Love” as we understand it to be; is in its essential form, the benevolent super-consciousness that creates itself through everything in the universe.

Human consciousness is an expression of universal Super Consciousness. As such, we each have a supply conduit, and the power of its awesome creative energy is available to us. To use it, we must harmonise with its benevolent vibration in acting and asking with love, compassion, kindness and gratitude.

For many of us, this requires a letting-go process. It’s all about forgiving and forgiving, and more forgiving. Always remember, LIFE IS A JOURNEY. It is our sacred journey, and we are blessed to be co creators in this amazing reality.

Your DNA listens for your realisation of self-love. Through the integration and coherence of your heart and mind, your epigenetic energy-field of love and gratitude, will return wellbeing and longevity to your sacred journey, and fulfilment to the letter of your desires along the way.

Much love and peaceful blessings to you all . . .

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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