August 9, 2016

A Punctuated equilibrium

The human perception of physical reality is currently undergoing change and expansion.

A Punctuated equilibrium

We can be looking at exactly the same picture as we always have, and yet we are seeing it in a whole different way – and somehow, this changes everything...

In my view, the baby-boom era of the 1960’s began a special event in the evolution of humanity. What is known in biological sciences as a “Punctuated equilibrium”,occurred in exactly the same way, within human consciousness. Since then there has been, and continues to be a somewhat rebellious trend toward “questioning” fundamental beliefs around the public perception of what reality is. Even though we all have a different perception of the world, I believe this evolutionary spike has evolved in response to a prevailing viewpoint based on rational, scientific doctrine, which forcefully assumes precedence over all other outlooks.

This great questioning, is surfacing another side of our human awareness, revealing an INTUITIVE intellect that can make perfect sense of the existing reality view and yet its fundamental premise is quite different. Of significant importance is that this new “holistic” view of reality could quite possibly spell the end of poverty, crime, corruption and violence. Remember, it was the shibboleth of “Peace and Love” that began the Punctuated equilibrium more than fifty years ago. Today, it continues as an expansion in human awareness; a feeling for change that I believe will grow within each person to become an overriding public choice. We will need to work at it, but it will most definitely avoid the impending threat of human extinction, as we currently see around us.

We are all connected . . .

When we observe our physical reality, our perception of it is largely influenced by our beliefs – and in particular, our scientific understanding of its existence. In a split second we have made up our minds how it all works and how best to survive it.

Our deepest beliefs of the physical reality are embedded at foundation level in the construct of our intellect. Perhaps even before that, we arrive with an inherent awareness of the physical reality through the genetic carry-over of our ancestors. After this, our parents educate us by demonstration, and then we receive a formal education, where our understanding of the physical reality is further reinforced through the rational framework of mathematics and science.

At the cornerstone of our scientific realty is a belief that underpins everything. It is that “we are separate from our external reality”. Yes, it certainly does appear that way, but what if we were wrong? And, what difference would it make to our view of reality if we were CONNECTED to everything?

In my last journal entry I quoted “the observer effect” as a phenomena of modern science. This discovery is referred to as the “most beautiful experiment” and reveals that systems exist in all possible states until we observe them being in only one specific state . . .

“In essence, we create our reality”.

Being separate to our external reality may have provided a level of physical stability for human life, but it has failed humans in the psychological and emotional sense. It has promoted a victim mentality without sense of life purpose, and it has elevated elitism and discrimination.

“It is not life that happens to us, it is WE that happen to life”

The fundamental premise of the new view is that we, (you and me – each and all and everything) are connected energetically. As such, we are each and all the creators of every life event and circumstance. Energy is everywhere inside and outside of us. We are “one in consciousness”. We are physical human and spiritual soul – all at once. We are beautiful – we are love. If there is a truth outside of perception, this would surely be close . . .

Ask not, why this happened to you, but why you created it.

The great gift of life is that we can experience ourselves as individual. Be grateful that you can be you, so beautifully and so elegantly.

At the same time we are of ONE consciousness. We are human consciousness and we are part of each other. The trends we adopt as family, as community, as culture and as humanity are contributed to by each and all of us. This is why the change will come from within.

“When enough of us want peace, love and abundance for all, we most certainly will have it”.

How many does it take to effect a positive change in human consciousness? It is changing now – it is incremental and if you can’t see it MEDITATE daily and connect yourself at the deepest level. Watch for the signals around you and see the magic in life. Live in the peace and truth of who you are. Know that with each new day, you are beginning something wonderful in the world. Celebrate this . . .

We are each a living cell in the greater body of humanity.
Making a difference is automatic.
It’s just a question of whether the difference we make . . .
is by conscious choice or compulsive reaction.

You are so special and loved
Peace and love . . .

Jeffree, Meditation Composer
Artist & composer of Meditation & Healing music, author & peacemaker. We each make a difference in the world, Its all about the choices we make.
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